Templeton the Scared One.

by Jennifer

I adopted Templeton just a month ago with his pair Theodore. Templeton one day became very sick and lethargic with dierreah. Took him to the vet and recieved antibiotics, but two days later Templeton passed in the middle of the night whilst I was asleep. I woke up to my Dad notifying me Templeton died. I walked over to the cage and saw Theodore eating Templeton as a self preservation instinct so I took the now dead rigor mortise Templetons body out and gave to Dad in a plastic bag. I could tell Templeton was there no longer and just an unrelated body remained. I’m just sad I wasn’t there at night to comfort him as he died. I still feel guilty about that. Now I have to figure out how to give Theodore new cage mates. Also, this all happened on my birthday, and I identified with the more timid Templeton than Theodore so it was like the rat I empathize with most died.

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