The angel in disguise…Bella my first!

by Victoria

When I was 10 years old and I had just moved into our new house my dad decided I could have my OWN pet…thats when I got Bella.Bella was AMAZING the first day I got her I could hold her.The second to the third day she was litter boxed trained.Bella also knew her name and she knew my voice and knew that I was her owner and that I would always keep her safe.You could even put your fingers in the cage cracks and she wouldn’t bite…she would kiss you.Bella was a dream pet. And I know she loved me…Bella died of cancer. And the day I actually realized she was a one and in million pet… the kind of pet that you actually believe is an angel,was the day I got another one.And I realize that she probably truly was an angel in disguise! I am 12 years old and I truly beleive she was and that no other rat will be exactly like her…no other rat will replace her!
Rest In Peace My Angel.

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