The original girls

by Marea
(Kamloops, bc, canada)

Well, we are new to the rat world, but absolutely not done! I purchased two female babies, which we named rose and daisy! rose was all white, while daisy was grey. Within a few weeks rose was also grey and the only way to tell the difference for a while was to flip them over and look for a white spot rose kept on her tummy. We loved having baby rats in our home, and these two ladies were best case scenario for our kids, laid back, but still wanting to have fun. their favorite game was finding their way in and out of a crunched up blanket! at 20 months, our sweet rose ran into troubles, suffered a great fall, and we found out she had gone blind. we got to live with her for a while longer. Keeping up with her trying to walk off the edge of the couch or your body was quite the job, and then there was the wobblyness!! it was like someone snuck her a few drinks. It was a hard time to see her struggle to wash herself, but in the end some applesauce and a bath from me kept her clean and happy. I enjoyed all her cuddles in the last week, and said goodbye this afternoon. What a hard day this has been, but daisy and I will have some time to bond and soon enough there will be baby rats in our home again!

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