The tail of many rats

It all started years ago when i got my first two rats, Daisy and Lilly. Long story short we had no intention on getting rats that day, but after visiting a family whose rat had had babies, we decided to get the sisters. They changed my life forever. They were almost identical, both brown and white hooded, but they had very different personalities. Lilly was adventurous and wild, while Daisy just wanted to eat and play with her sister. Daisy was my baby and i spoiled her rotten. So when she got sick just two weeks before her second birthday i was crushed. In one day she went from just fine to having seizures every other minute. I held her and eventually she had to be put down. Lilly soon followed the very next week. Oddly enough they both passed on tuesdays of the same thing, we still don’t know what it was.
But within a few months we had two new rats that we got at a pet store that was selling them as snake food. A grey dumbo named Cloud and a black and white hooded named Jellybean(who had been extremely ill when i got her). Cloud stole the spotlight with her big eyes and cluddly personality. She brought the shy Jellybean out of her shell. They convinced my sister to get rats, Jack and Sally. Sally soon had babies and we decided to keep a little girl named Tinkerbell. She grew close to Cloud and Jellybean, expecially cloud who she liked to copy. But unfortunately just a few days before Christmas Cloud died. She was drooling and twitching and nothing the vet did could help her. I woke up one morning to find her laying on her back on the floor of the cage, her eyes still open and her nose a chilly purple-blue color. It was hard for everyone but we had to move on and luckily we still have Tinkerbell and Jellybean. Tinkerbell is a year old now and she still pesters Jellybean, who while only half a year older, is very mature. I plan on having rats for the rest of my life. It is incredibly painful when they pass, something many people i know dont understand, but the happy times outweight the bad.

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