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Hairless rats might be just the answer for you! You can keep dander in check with a little bathing and moisturizing.

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How Much Fun are Pet Rats?

Come find out!

We have been surprised by how friendly, lovable, and just plain fun & easy our pet rats have been! They are like miniature puppies. Each of our little friends has her own personality & enjoys playing with us.

Rats are just as smart as the stories say. You can train them to come to their name.

And tricks.
They can learn to do all sorts of neat tricks. Have you seen a rat play basketball? Your cool little guy or gal just needs a ping-pong ball. With a little patience & 4 easy steps, you will have a pro on your hands.

But are they clean?
Yes! Pet rats groom themselves meticulously. They can also easily learn how to use a litterbox! Training is simple. We’ll show you how.

And do they bite?
We’ve never had a rat bite us. We originally purchased rats on the advice of a pet store owner. We had young kids and wanted sturdy & loving pets that could tolerate inexperienced hands. The shop owner rated rats above turtles! These friendly little guys don’t harm the kids and vice versa. In our experience, this has proven true.

What about care?
These miniature friends are super easy to care for. They just need a few simple supplies to make life happy for both you and them:

  • Step #1: Water and Rat Food
    Simple. Change their water daily and add lab blocks for complete nutrition. Or go gourmet if you like. For an extra treat, try some of our tried & true rat-loving recipes.
  • Step #2: A Cage
    Stick with the basic 10-gallon tank and expand it with a cool cage-topper when you need more space. Or pick up an inexpensive cabinet, give it a door with wire mesh, add a couple of shelves, toss in a few toys, and a litterbox & voile´! Your pets get to move into a luxury condo!
  • Step #3: A Few Toys
    Make your own for pennies. This is where you can get really creative. Use a scrap of polar fleece to make a hammock. Set a ball of yarn outside their cage & hand them one end. They’ll spend the night pulling it in. Make it really fun by giving one end to one rat cage & the other end to a different rat cage. Watch them play tug-o-war!
  • Step #4: A Little Love and Time
    This is the easiest of all to supply. Our rats travel around with us most of the day on our shoulders, peeking out of pockets… We even take them to the store. We have a separate small travel cage with food, water & litterbox.

The future for pet care using tracking systems:

Over 10 million pets go missing every year according to an American Humane report. Imagine if you could track your pets and their healthcare needs. The future of pet care tracking and pet care health is close than you think. For example, we are now able to track large pets with a GPS Tracker. Miniaturization of the technology has made it possible to track pets such as dogs and cats. In the future, the technology will become small enough to track rats and indeed track their health and wellness.

Everything about Pet Rats in one handy spot

If we could recommend one resource that has everything you could possibly need to know about rats, this is it:

Pet Rats by Colin Patterson

This expert on pet rats has created an e-book with everything from what to do if your ratties have the sniffles to teaching your pet rats to use a litterbox. Patterson writes in an easy-to-read style on oodles of useful topics. This is one author we trust to give practical and accurate information. Check it out.

Discover pet rats!

We’ll guide you on how to choose the best rats for you and how to have the most fun you can with them. Enjoy exploring our site and jump into the adventure of owning pet rats!

Check back often to find fun new ideas!

Table of Contents

Intriguing Blue Rats!

Where did blue rats come from? Ah, it’s a mystery! Blue rats have been a hot seller since they were first discovered over a decade ago. Come take a look!

Molasses Mix… Yummy! A Tasty Recipe for Pet Rats!

Your rats will sit up & beg for more when you serve up this tasty molasses mix. AND it’s the most nutritional diet around! This recipe was created by the famous Debbie Ducommun of the Rat Fan Club.

Pet rat care: Wonderfully simple!

Pet rat care is easy, low-cost and fun. These great friends require so little to thrive!

Cool Rat Images!

Do you have great pictures of rats? Rat drawings? Clipart? Any other rat images? Here’s your chance to share them with the world! Browse our current collection & inspire us with yours!

Ready to Buy Pet Rats? Here’s a Handy Rat Guide Jam-Packed Full of Tips!

With a few quick rat facts in mind, you’ll be able to choose the most rewarding rat pets with confidence. Check out our easy-to-read yet detailed Guide to Buy Pet Rats.

Fancy Pet Rats – Explore the Many Varieties

Looking for details on the great variety of fancy pet rats? Do rat breeds matter when choosing your next pal? How many types of rats are there? Get the scoop on fancy rats!

Pet Rats Blog

The Pet Rat Blog keeps you up-to-date on all additions and changes to the discover-pet-rats.com website. Subscribe here!

Awesome Pet Rat Tricks!

The first step in teaching pet rat tricks is discovering what currency your ratties work in! When in doubt, try Yogies. Then watch these funny informative videos & start your own rat training fun.

Quick Rat Guide Checklist!

Have you decided to buy pet rats? With a few quick rat facts in mind, you’ll be able to choose the most rewarding rat pets with confidence. Print a handy Rat Guide Checklist to make shopping a breeze!

Rex Rats – Curly Hair and even Curly Whiskers

Rex rats have taken the fancy pet rat world by storm. They can range from extremely corkscrewed to subtly rippled. Add in curly whiskers & these Rex rats make quite the entrance!

What do Pet Rats Eat?

Just about anything you like to eat! Keep it simple – lab blocks & a few fresh treats. Or go gourmet with this delectable recipe. What do pet rats eat? Find a favorite & you’ll soon see fancy tricks!

Molasses Mix Details for Rat Lovers

For those of you who just love the details, here they are! This molasses mix makes a delicious, nutritionally-complete, gourmet diet for your pet rats. Get your coffee out and enjoy the read!

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