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Calendar worthy!!! 
I was lucky lucky lucky to get the picture you see we all know our lil fur babies never sit still for pics lol..this is Vinnie (rat) and Bella …

The first day 
This is a picture of my rat beans she was only a couple of weeks old. I had gotten her and her sister that very day, the reason shy isn't in the picture …

Got my two boys a bigger house today and they love it! They made themselves right at home and cuddle up together. :)

Me and my rat 
I moved back to the Uk after living in New Zealand since I was 3. I don't want to come to England as I missed my pet dog that I had to leave behind. I …

My cuddle buddy  
I love this lil guy so much

At the seaside 
My little girl has a skin condition so I bought a harness to take her for walks in the yard on sunny days. We live on the beachfront so today I took her …

Nubs Having Yogurt 
Nubs, having little yogurt for breakfast.

my rat does this every night before he sleeps

I swear... She could be a model and I could be a photographer <3 
This is Janis. We got her from a local pet store that has dumbo rats from a local family rattery. She is such an amazing rat. She is almost two months …

my beloved Sheila and Lola 
Sheila is the self-confident, very intelligent a hygienic one. although she is still baby. Lola is the adventurous and "still falling from table etc." …

Chester the rat 
My rat Chester is my favorite rat of all time! Rats are truly the greatest (not in size) pets.

Growing Old Together 
This was when my rats, Hootie and Stevie were about 2 1/2 (They died at 3.) They we're snuggling together as "brothers." Hootie is the black hooded …

Mazie discovers flowers! 
My little under 6 month rat Mazie LOVES to explore! Set her anywhere and just wait to watch the fun adventure begin. Tasting plants, digging in dirt, and …

A picture of my sweet pet rat Merlin :) Sadly he died a few years ago :/ I miss him verry much!

Oreo eating! 
Baby Oreo enjoys a piece of rat mix in her house.

Ashy + Iris  

Our rats 
Bizlerde onları çok seviyoruz, ülkemizdede insanlar sevsinler. (We, like them, too, should love the people.)

Strawberry Smile 
If you've never seen a rat smile here you go! :) Marci loves her new house. I'm so lucky I snapped this.

On the run 
Try as I might, I can hardly ever get a good picture of my girls. I've got a whole camera full of duds. There they are, all lined up and when I press the …

Pretty Katrina 
My little girl has been really sick with bronchitis. I thought she was just making rattie noises but it was breathing difficulties. Thank heaven for rat …

obi wan being cute 
this is my rat obi wan...

Piggles enjoys hanging out and watching the family. She loves to know everything that's going on.

Me and my girlfriend's cute albino rat Melis (Norwegian for powdered sugar).

My pet rat was under a blanket,and it looks like shes pulling the blanket up. Its a good thing thing we got a picture!!

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Gizmo chews his treats... and the baseboard! 
Little Gizmo loves eating food! Here, he enjoys a "rat pie" after gracefully chewing on the baseboard of my brand new house. He is too cute to be mad at! …

My Rat Trypp 
I just got my rat today! He is a hooded dumbo rat. I love him and he is already bruxing and really loving being with me. I knew when I saw him that I needed …

This is our male Dumbo Rat Pat & myself. He loves to give kisses and to be held.

The Girls 
This is Izzy and 2 of her and her sisters children (very unexpected, but amazing experience)

My Pet Dumbo Rat Spike 
ive got a 6 week old pet dumbo rat and unfortunatly it will not let me pic him up or handle him at all im starting to think he hate's me. and if i dont …

Blaze out of the cage!:) 
This is my pet rat named Blaze!!! I let him run all around my room and this pic was just him enjoying being out of the cage!

Emjay meets a bird 
Emjay used to be a very shy rat, always hiding under stuff, but now he has become quite the lil adventurer running around the room and climbing to the …

Nova's Christmas morning. 
I couldn't resist the Santa outfit. Nova was a good sport and let me torture her by putting it on. She was such a sweet and cuddly rat. Nova, I miss you! …

Pocket Pal! 
We just bought this little blue rat. He's so tame already and he loves to ride around in my pocket. I really like that.

Summer Fun! 
Me & my gal are ready to go camping! We have a handy travel cage that fits my little girl perfectly. She even has her own hammock & leash. We don't have …

Pixel The Rat 
My little rat's name is Pixel, but I call her Pixie because it floats off the tongue a bit better. She is about 6 weeks old, and may be pregnant, although …

Pet Rat Valentines! 
I was looking for a cute pet rat photo and found this one - perfect timing for Valentine's Day. The girls just happened to be cuddling on a red background. …

Trixie is a nosy rat 
Trixie wasn't expected to live. Her mother was sold prematurely leaving her poor babies alone. The produce store where I got her doesn't have much of an …

Crackers and Quaver!! 
i have just bought these lovely young rats,they ere just getting used to their new home and new life.they love to run up and down my arms!i have got a …

Emjay, Jamey and Tequila 
This is Emjay and Jamey meeting for the first time. We saved Jamey from being snake food, he was in a crummy cage with a lil white rat who was also saved …

Rat Exercise 
We strung a rope up in our tree and let our rats play. They had a blast! At first they wobbled, but they quickly got their climbing legs figured out. I …

Birthday time! 
My 11 Girls and 3 Boys reached their 1st Birthday on 24th August 2011... They celebrated the occasion with a coconut sponge cake. It was a very messy affair, …

the run away  
I have a rat named Stella. The first week we got her we had her up in my bedroom on the floor. We had 3 so keeping eyes on them is tricky. Stella is very …

My Boy Sushi 
This was a pick my mom took of one of my rats a couple days after we got him. It was done in my room with a blanket that's in the back ground. xDD All …

Protective Doggy Brother Not rated yet
This is one of my little ratties, Joey, meeting his big big doggy brother, Buster, for the first time. Joey was a baby, and Buster was instantly curious …

Smile it's summer! Not rated yet
Regina was around four months old when this photo was taken, it was back in the summer of 2015 when she had noticed the summery breeze. She was having …

Baby Damian and Baby Stripe!! Not rated yet
These are two newest additions! We have two female cats, but now we have our two baby boys!! Stripe, (half grey half white) is hyper as an energizer bunny. …

Dylan and Ted waiting for a treat! :) Not rated yet
My Two month old boys, cute aren't they?! :)

My sweet George! Not rated yet
In love with this little guy!

Spanky the day he opened eyes Not rated yet
My ex-rat Spanky (Had to give him away :'() The dAY he opened his eyes.

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Suri's first day home Not rated yet
Suri's first day home

ratties eating pasta !!!!!!! Not rated yet
My two pet rats Lunna and Pypper are having an ace time eating some cooked pasta I love them so much they allways come to me asking for affection. I …

my new dumbo rat wiz Not rated yet
I called him wiz cuz ive just got him an he wont let me pick him up but when I get him on my jumper he settles down quite quickley. I think he will get …

Xena and Buffy Not rated yet
These are my 2 new pet rats... Xena (black) and Buffy (blue) I purchased them about 3weeks ago from a local breeder who was very informative and helpful. …

Snack Time! Not rated yet
Our new baby boy Dom got to try some fresh apples for the first time! He loved it!! It's now his favorite treat!

Oliver and Bear Not rated yet
These 2 dumbo rats both came from Petz place. They are brothers. Oliver is a beige capped/hooded Rex and Bear is an adorable double Rex. They are excellent …

Two Peas in a Pod Not rated yet
These two guys have been inseparable since I got them. Chester the tan one and Charlie the white one are brothers with the biggest hearts of any animal …

Boop! my beuatiful boy Not rated yet
Here is 'Boop' waiting for his nightly fresh sweetcorn. I got boop from my college on an open day, I held him and from that moment I just fell in love! …

Yogi and blue  Not rated yet
Are first rat yogi was such a awesome thing lived to be 5 amazing

Smoochie Not rated yet
I don't remember when I took this. Its just one of those lucky takes, I guess. The albino is Snowball and the other one is her daughter, Rumpajer.

Phoebe, Kallen, and Charlie Not rated yet
My rats phoebe, kallen and Charlie. Although my first, Phoebe, was originally bought for me my boyfriend loved her soo much i had to get two more.

My newest baby  Not rated yet
I am the daughter of a rat and reptile business, so naturally I was bound to have a rat. But I have been waiting for the right one. Today I found Prim, …

Loving memories of Mal'chik and Brunhilda. Not rated yet
This is pictures of my rats Brunhilda and Mal'chik. Brunhilda was the smartest rat I ever had. She liked to sleep in my bed on her back. She drunk orange …

Sammy-Buns Not rated yet
Here's my baby, Sammy!! He is my dumbo rat that I bought from a pet store. He was so skinny. So I bought him and I am completely in love with him!! …

Mirah, hyper as all get out !  Not rated yet
This is Mirah. She is a standard fancy that we got from a friend who's ratties had babies. She has an awesome personality and is always happy and healthy. …

Snuggles Not rated yet
This is my dumbo eared rat Potter and my puppy sarge snuggling together and my name is Jack

Big guy  Not rated yet
This is big guy. He is a light brown and white fancy rat. When I walked into the pet store I was expecting to get a pet gerbil. Well I saw a little …

Mac Rat Not rated yet
My hooded dumbo rat, Josie, likes to play on my MacBook!

My first rat- Mystery Color Not rated yet
My baby girl, Erdgeist (Aired Guy "sst", or earth spirit), was my first rat, picked up with her cage mate Elise at a pet store. My boyfriend picked her …

Waking up with Satchel Not rated yet
This is my pet rat satchel, she lives to come in my bed in the mornings and snuggle in.

My Little Girl Not rated yet
This is Peanut, I've had her for a year and isn't she a character!<3 I got her as the runt in the litter, and she is still very small compared to others …

treats ??!! Not rated yet
This is Lulu, she's a blue hairless, and has an awesome personality!

peek a boo Not rated yet
This is Lexi, one of my 2 girls. she's peeking from a pouch I made that hangs around my neck........

Penny!! Not rated yet
This is my new baby girl ray Penny. I've had her for about four days now and she seems to be pretty comfortable. I had four rats before her and my last …

Junebug & Silly Not rated yet
Junebug is my hairless rat (: She's beautiful. And Silly us my furry rat. (: She's a sweetheart

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Gyro the special Dumbo Not rated yet
I am a dog trainer at Petsmart, an hadn't planned on getting a rat anytime soon, but one day I was told of a dumbo rat in the back room who could not go …

First Bath Not rated yet
The one on the right is Mike and the one on the left is Fred The Velocirat(just Fred for short). We were drying them off after the first bath we gave them …

Rogue the Magnificent Not rated yet
This is my 3rd rat when she was a baby. Now she's almost 1. She is so full of personality and I love her so much. We named her Rogue in honor of the X-Men …

Mazie Discovers How to Hang Around! Not rated yet
In her new adventure, Mazie learned to "hang around" - literally. After running around the perimeter of the hanging flower basket, she found it delightful …

Mazie Discovers Ceramic Children!  Not rated yet
Today on her adventure, Mazie made new "friends". She enjoyed crawling around these children's shoulders and even sat in their lap while cleaning herself. …

Curious Ratties Not rated yet
Jetta and Zoey sniffing my boyfriend's hands. The second picture is Jetta laying on her favorite shelf! I've only had these ladies for a few days …

Catching up with the News Not rated yet
I lost my pretty Katrina. She always had trouble breathing and it finally became too much for her. Her mate, Trixie Nixon, went into a bit of a decline …

Cricket and Noodle Not rated yet
Cricket and Noodle love to ham it up for the camera.

Ratty (brown) and Gayaal (tan) in their little jungle Not rated yet
Ratty (brown) and Gayaal (tan) in their little jungle (my windowsill garden) where they like to dig in the soil and sleep. I acquired Ratty by accident …

Brisby :) <3 Not rated yet
Brisby is my very first pet rat, she doesnt like to be held just yet. She was named after the movie "The Secret of Nimh" the Brisby family. I got her at …

Skye :) Not rated yet
This is Skye, one of my Dumbo Rats. Her and her sister, Mist have only been with me a short while and they've already become a major part of my life; I …

salsa baby! Not rated yet
this is my fancy rat salsa baby SLEEPING ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

salsa baby! Not rated yet
this is my fancy rat salsa baby wearing a hat made from an old teddy, looking stylish!

Alladin cozy Not rated yet
This was my fourth rat Alladin, he was a big love bug and the whole family adored him, he was quite adventurous and loved to see if he could zoom past …

Achillies and Ajax napping Not rated yet
My 2 lovely rats Achillies and Ajax having a nap after a hard day ratting. I got them after their old owner didn't have time to take care of them anymore. …

My little girl Daffodil <3 Not rated yet
Daffodil is just a teenager here. Posing for the camera as usual because she is a princess! I love daffodil because she gives lots of kisses and loves …

Sleepy Sleepy ^^ Not rated yet
I got her a couple days ago along with two others. C: Yes, She is a baby! But I love how she curled up and fell asleep in my hand! <3 I named her Precious. …

Crackers are delicious! Not rated yet
This is my one-eyed dumbo rat, Lady Bonita, or Lady B. I decided to give her a cracker to see if she liked it, so I broke off a corner to give to her instead …

Our Mikey Not rated yet
This is our boy, Mikey. He was such the explorer and loved to play outside with us. Such a sweetie :)

Baby Snoozes Not rated yet
Sid and his Brother Manni are in this photo taken some years ago when they were babies. Unfortunately they and their brother Eddie all passed away as old …

Dumbo loves cheerios! Not rated yet
This is my sweet dumbo rat, Dumbo. He loves cheerios! He doesn't like when you disturb him when he's munching, but he looks too cute not too. He holds …

Tiny Teenager Not rated yet
This is little Phantom a few weeks after we bought him. He was so tiny then!

Bigglesworth. Not rated yet
You don't have any pics of hairless rats, so here is my sweetheart, her name is Bigglesworth after Dr. Evil's bald cat from the Austin Powers series of …

Plotting World Domination Not rated yet
This is a pic taken of my 2 big boys, Shaun & Bez looking very shifty indeed in their secret tropical hideaway....I suspect that they may be planning to …

SLEEPY Not rated yet
This is Elliott our pet Dumbo, Everybody just adores him when he has time to visit. Busy schedule you know? LOL

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My favorite teddy bear Not rated yet
I found it on the web and it just was so cute! I have a 8 month year old rat name Blaze and he is Black and white and all of my friends think he is the …

Adoptable Rat...Zeus! Not rated yet
We had saved two rats from being snake food. Both were little babies and we fell in love with them. The thing is that we were told they were both females, …

my rats Not rated yet
the on to the left is emma and the one to right is anna. they r the sweetest things

Pon Not rated yet
The last of my rat pictures. :) This one is of Pon, the only one of my boys that wouldn't sit still long enough to get his picture taken...but after awhile …

Zi Not rated yet
This is Zi, another one of my four baby boys. I have pictures for three of them...but sadly I got the fourth a couple weeks after the first three, so he …

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