Dumbo Rats

Dumbo rats are rumored to be the sweetest & most gentle of the fancy varieties. Can this be true? Amazingly, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

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I will always love you.

I had two girls, both dumbo Rex. I had to euthanize my favorite, Dobbie, this morning. I woke up to my mom calling me, saying that there was something

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Protective Doggy Brother

This is one of my little ratties, Joey, meeting his big big doggy brother, Buster, for the first time. Joey was a baby, and Buster was instantly curious

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I’m sure this won’t be published but some of these stories outline rats that were neglected, kept under poor conditions and in many cases refused proper

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Nibbles the first, yet last rat

We started off we one rat, Nibbles then we got two others, they were all so beautiful. Wicket was the cuddly soft one, Moo Moo was the peace keeper and

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Templeton the Scared One.

I adopted Templeton just a month ago with his pair Theodore. Templeton one day became very sick and lethargic with dierreah. Took him to the vet and recieved

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My sister and I had two rats Salvador and Dalì. We were OBSESSED with them they are like our kids. They both loved eachother so much. On September 13th

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my baby girl picasso was the runt of her litter. she was going to be put in with the feeder rats, but she was just so dang cute that i brought her home.

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Alan and Steve

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Alan and Steve after respiratory illness took hold and no medications would work. They were precious! Alan was the

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Cream 🙁

So I had 2 rats… I called them cookie and cream. One was black and one was white. Ok ok I’m already tearing up just writing this. I always loved cookie

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I knew she was sick. She was just a baby. The vet said to wait and see, but she passed away while I was at school this morning. I came home with a big

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RIP Derwood


Derwood is the last of 3 brothers that I bought in the Winter of 2013. He passed away this afternoon after being nursed through hind end paralysis and

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To my little princess

You could be a nasty, aggressive little being full of teeth and spite. You always knew how to get the things I specifically told you to not touch and you

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Sweet Honeysuckle

My sweet Honey died 2 days ago curled up next to me as i pet her. As i cleaned the house today i kept finding little bits of food and wrappers that she

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im sorry, gilbert

i had convinced my mum to buy me my first rat a few months ago, and when we went to pick one out i fell in love with one, he was a lovely golden/apricot

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Goodbye Morgana and Lux, My Baby Girls xxxxx

About 2 years ago I was getting more and more panid and anxiety attacks, I’ve always suffered from anxiety because of years and years of physicall, verbal

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