Both my babies gone in a month and 10 days 🙁

by Samantha
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

My Diamond died Feb. 2nd 2016 and my Luna died yesterday, March 12, 2016. I fostered Diamond from someone who didn’t give them enough attention. I bought a cage mate for her, Luna, last year because she seemed lonely. Diamond had a very big tumor and suffered from a heart attack. I then got a cage mate for Luna because she had never been alone. Well, I went to check on her last night and she was under her tunnel, dead. I took her out and held her and cried. I examined her, and found that the new baby, Zola, was eating and beating her. She had blood everywhere and she was missing a chunk out of her ear. I never heard a squeak from her cage or anything! I feel like its all my fault!

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