Tasty Recipe!

This famous molasses mix is chock full of nutrients. It’s easy to make and your little critters will love you even more!

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Eat the good stuff!

Yumm! Add a couple of fruits and veggies to your basic rat diet. It’s easy and they’ll be happier and healthier. You might even get more cuddles…

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Ah, Dumbo Rats…

A newer variety with an extra dose of cuteness!

Dumbo rats are rumored to be the sweetest & most gentle of the fancy varieties. Can this be true? Amazingly, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

These sedate little sweeties are newer to the fancy rat scene. Dumbo rats have been bred purely as fancy pet rats instead of as snake food. This means they typically receive a wealth of handling & cuddles at just the right time: between 3-6 weeks of age. Dumbos are bred specifically for their gentle temperament.

Coloring: Nothing unusual here.
Dumbo rats come in all of the usual color combos. Black, white, blue, curly-haired rex, … Like traditional pet rats, they can have red or black eyes based on their fur color.

Calm with a bit of spunk bubbling beneath the surface.

So the dumbo tends to be docile. That doesn’t mean they’re without personality. Not by a long shot!

Their trusting & relaxed nature tends to make them…

  • super-snuggly
  • laid back & easy to please
  • and just plain happy-go-lucky

Bring out a favorite treat & dumbos are just as willing as the next rat to tackle a new trick!

Offer a change of scenery to inspire their sense of adventure. Simply rearrange their toys & hammocks. They’ll explore them all over again. Take a simple trek outside to feel the breeze on their fur. Set up a “digging box” & watch the glimmers of curiosity flame in their eager eyes!

Normal ratty spunk is sure to surface in many dumbos. Each rat will have his or her very own personality.

If your rat is lazy to the point of boredom, this is a rarity. A dull rat is a sign of an obese or depressed rat.

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Physical traits:
Cuteness in the extreme!

Huge ears, set low on their faces & gracefully curving down to their baby-faced cheeks. Some ears have no creases. Others are rumpled or curled.

Slightly larger, broader heads, oftentimes with a smaller lower jaw. Perfect for “what about me?” or “who me?” looks.

Large expressive eyes and similar size, shape & colors as compared to most rat varieties.

Final thoughts:
We choose our little friends based on health & temperament first. Then we factor in markings and cuteness. Plan on purchasing from a reputable breeder or rescue facility & you’ll be well on your way to discovering the fun of pet rats for yourself – no matter what the breed!

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Need a guide to choosing your pocket pets?

This handy Rat Guide Checklist will steer you in the right direction. Once you have the facts, let your intuition guide you the rest of the way! Be it dumbo rats or hairless, you’re sure to discover fun with pet rats!

Everything about Pet Rats in one handy spot

If we could recommend one resource that has everything you could possibly need to know about rats, this is it: Pet Rats by Colin Patterson. This expert on pet rats has created an e-book with everything from what to do if your ratties have the sniffles to teaching your pet rats to use a litterbox. Patterson writes in an easy-to-read style on oodles of useful topics. This is one author we trust to give practical and accurate information. Check it out.