Food Tip…

Rats aren’t naturally vegetarian. They do best on a diet that contains a meat protein source. Try dog food!

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Pixel the Rat

My little rat’s name is Pixel, but I call her Pixie because it floats off the tongue a bit better. She is about 6 weeks old, and may be pregnant, although …
~by Janelle Hachey

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Molasses Mix… Yummy!

Special Recipe for Pet Rats

This molasses mix recipe comes from Debbie Ducommun, “The Rat Lady,” creator of the Rat Fan Club. Mix up this tasty tofu blend and watch your pet rats dig in. We have used this recipe with our own rats, and they just love it. One of our youngest girls will squish her little paws through it and just revels in the dish!

Molasses Mix: The gourmet yet simple way to feed your pet rats!You can rest easy knowing that your rats are getting all they need. They will thoroughly enjoy this scrumptious blend, and it’s really quite simple to make. Be sure to offer fresh treats to round out the meal!

If you’d like even more details about this mix, they’re available here. Here’s that recipe. Let’s get cookin’! (It’s really just mixing and stashing in the fridge.)

A Simple Menu

Homemade Rat Diet Recipe
all foods raw unless otherwise indicated
(t=teaspoon, T=tablespoon, g=gram, mg=milligram, mcg=microgram)

about 3 T molasses mix (see recipe)
one serving of fruit (see menu)
2-3 servings of vegetables (see menu)

Twice a week (see menu)
1 serving cooked beef liver (organic is best) or canned oysters

Serving sizes
cooked beans (2 t, use a variety of types)
cooked sweet potato(3/4″ cube)
broccoli floret (1 1/2″ across (cooked or raw)
leafy greens(about 2″ square)
other veggies (1″ square)
cooked beef liver (1″ X 3/4″ X 1/4″)
canned oysters (one average)
fruits (1/2″ cube)

The Famous Molasses Mix Recipe

Recipe for Molasses Mix
(will last two rats about a week depending on size–for more than two rats, you can multiply the recipe)
1500 mg calcium from chewable tablets or liquid calcium with vitamin D
2000 mcg chromium picolinate (yes, 2000 mcg is correct, the dose is based on their metabolism, not their weight)
250 mcg vitamin B12
40 mg manganese (from capsules)
3/4 C Total cereal
1 lb packaged (not bulk) soft tofu
4 t shelled raw sunflower seeds
1 T flax seeds
3 T raw oatmeal
4 t pearled barley
4 t millet
3 T cooked brown rice
4 T toasted wheat germ
2 1/4 T nutritional yeast flakes (5.6 g)
2 T blackstrap (dark or full flavor) molasses

Soak the chromium picolinate, calcium, and B12 tablets in a tiny bit of water and when soft, crush. Coarsely crush the Total in a plastic bag. Mash the tofu in a bowl. Add all ingredients together with warm molasses and mix thoroughly. Store covered in the refrigerator or freezer.

The oysters or liver, beans, sweet potato, broccoli, kale, and bok choy are required. (If bok choy isn’t available, substitute brocolli or collard greens.) The other veggies and fruits can be substituted with others if you like.

Monday: berries, kale, sprouts, kale
Tuesday: banana, broccoli, tomato, sweet potato
Wednesday: grape/raisin, bok choy, parsley, beans
Thursday: melon, broccoli, corn, liver/oysters
Friday: prune/plum, kale, squash, beans
Saturday: banana, broccoli, peas, sweet potato
Sunday: apple, bok choy, carrot, liver/oysters

This molasses mix is sure to hit the spot!
Remember to add a few fruits & veggies, and you can rest easy knowing your little friends are getting the best rat nutrition around.