by Susan P.
(Ofallon missouri)

Frozen cause thats where i put the rats when they die .
My freezer.
It helps and after awhile ill bury them.
The vet said its common.i thought i was nuts myself. Glad to know im not the only one.
My first rat had been treated for respiratory but live less 2 yrs couldnt breathe.
My second rat jumped out of my hands broke his neck
My 3rd rat got a infection went to vet
I was giving to much med
I had to put down.
My 4th rat i got from neighbor awsome boy.
I awoke he was in sleep position
Times up.
I new it was getting close 2-3 yrs all we get
Finally a normal healthy death.
Im sad but im k cause he never felt a thing.
I ve already spoken with a woman has older rat.
I dont mind
1 only but ill play with him.
Hes never had a buddy so he should be used to it.
A rat raised rite can do tricks and more.
Im hooked on them.
Its not for the weak at heart.
The first few deaths e ill hurt like bad.
But you have more get more.
They are worth it.
A rat is the greatest pet to own.
Im home so i can pet him.

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