Ginger oh ginger

by Olivia

The day i got Bob was the happiest day of my life. I even payed with my own money to get it.My mom could tell i was being bullied so i told her i was fine. Then my own group of friends turned on me. That’s why i got Bob I needed a friend. Everything was going fine ,except i didn’t know Bob’s gender. So then I noticed Bob was lonely. So I got Jo. Jo was a boy straight off. But I still couldn’t tell what Bob was. Then I knew because Bob had babies. All died but one Ginger. Eventually Jo got real mean and we got rid of him. I noticed Ginger was getting scars alot so I thought she was cleaning herself to hard. So I ignored it then I saw Bob my first rat attacking Ginger. I dropped what i was doing and stopped it instsantly. But I knew Ginger was gone. I cleaned Ginger’s cuts and scrapes anyway. Then her little heartbeat stopped. Right away I cried nonstop I made her a decorated shoe box and put her in it. We burried her in the ground under my window. Now she is no longer with me but is still with me in my heart.

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