Hera the Little Soldier

The only picture I have of her.

We bought Hera and Aphrodite about 2 weeks ago.

Hera was scampering around being playful and inquisitive for the first few days but then she started being lethargic and quiet, almost unresponsive.

I found out today that she a heart problem, like so many rats do. I have been awake hand feeding her for the last 48 hours, she lost 30% of her body weight in that time.

Today I took her to see a reputable rat breeder and vet who has done everything she could but I took her home knowing that today was her last day with us.

It breaks my heart to see her little body, barely breathing and limp and cold to the touch. I’m told she isn’t in pain and will go to sleep soon and not wake up.

I have spent what feels like an eternity keeping myself awake to try and save her short life, but I just can’t. I feel so silly being this emotional over a little animal I’ve known for less than a fortnight but she’s been the most important thing in my life this week.

Thank you 🙂


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