I Had To Put Down Our Sweet Jerry Girl Today :*(

We got her as a companion to our spoiled cat.
They got along very well and it was hilarious to watch the cat play with Jerry and sometimes even fear her ha ha

Jerry got tumors after a year or so as most of dumbo rats do.
She wasn’t looking good and started to lose weight.
To stop her suffering the vet doctor made it clear, putting her down would be the best for her.

This was the first time I had to do this.

It was difficult.
Looking at Jerry and signing her euthanasia form..

I guess to us people, pets sometimes mean way more than just pets.
I think in many cases they also represent a certain period of time in our lives.
And saying “good bye” to a pet feels like saying “good bye” to a significant period of our life.

Rest in peace, our sweet Jerry.
You will always be missed.

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