My Mila is gone.

by Kayla
(Dallas, TX)

I purchased Mila from a pet store in Plano, TX 2 and 1/2 years ago, she was 1 at the time. I originally thought that the idea of a pet rat was scary and even…gross. but I instantly fell in love with her and took her home with me. I purchased a 3 story mansion for her (actually a ferret cage) and spent all of my free time with her. She was with me after two major surgeries, me moving into my first place on my own, a terrible and avusive relationship…and the most painful breakup of my life. She was with me for the start of my career, she was there when I cried. Every single night that I came home from work, she welcomed me by hanging upside down from the top of her cage and grinding her teeth. My entire apartment shows signs of her…from from a ball pit, to her massive cage…to all kinds of treats. She was my world! For thw past few months her age had begun to show. She came down with pneumonia, she bagen to lose weight and eventually paralysis set in. I had to feed her baby food and give her water through a syringe. It was painful to watch her lose all of her energy and liveliness. I contemplated having her put down but couldnt bring myself to do it. Call me selfish…but I wanted her to die peacefully at home…not by having a needled stuck into her heart. Well, tonight, September 2, she passed. I came home from work to find her stiff and lifeless with her tiny, beautiful eyes wode open. My heart instantly broke….my whole came to a hault. I don’t remember the last time I cried this hard. I will miss her dearly and the pain is almost unbearable and no one understands…my friends and family ae sympathetic but I know they do not get how I could be so broken over the passing of a RAT. But thats just it….she wasnt a rat….she was my child, my heart, my baby….and I will love her and miss her every single day. <\3 RIP Mila…have a safe journey over the rainbow bridge…I will see you again some day.

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