Simon – my special little guy

Simon had a skin condition from the moment he was born. He had to be bathed once a day and have lotion put on him twice a day. It was similar to eczma. He was 3 years and 4 months old and he started doing less and less for himself (climbing etc.) So I knew time was ticking for him.

I ended up feeding him via a syringe and giving him ibroprohen and antibiotics in the hope that it would make him more comfortable.

In his last day he stopped drinking from his syringe easily and starting nipping himselfor, almost as if he forgot they were his feet in front of him. I made the depiction and called the vet and booked him an appointment. (For the next day as I couldn’t bring him in that day due to the vets not having appointments.

I then fed him his favorite treats and gave him a big love and all of a sudden he bit his foot and bit right through it. I was so shocked. I called the vets and took him down to be put down last night and layer him in his cage for him last night at home (bare in mind it was about 9pm by this point.)

I took him to the place hevery was the happiest in the garden and buried him. I will never forget him. Loosing him was incredibly hard because I loved him so dearly although I have a major heart ache on top of that… He was the last family member of my original 4:
– his mum (nippy – white and grey)
– his aunt (froedo – naked)
– his dad (cheeky – black and white)
– his uncle (also black and white)
Although I have had many more rattles these were my first and he was the last of the family tree

Rip Simon
I love you

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