Spark and Silver leave With a Bang

by Kyla

One day, my pet rat, Silver was just running around at Christmas. The next day, I looked in her cage, and she was curled up under the food bowl. I thought she was sleeping. Her sister, Spark, was running back and forth between the small little house, and Silver. I went to get my mother, and she broke the bad news. Silver was gone.

2 years later, I noticed one of Spark’s eyes had closed. I told my parents, and they said that we would take her to a vet after school. I came home from school, and my parents sat me and my sister down in the living room. They said that Spark had passed away that after noon. I was a bit calmer than with Silver. I knew this would come soon, and I was prepared for it. I still cried, just like I did with Silver, and I hope their other sister got adopted and is doing well.

The End

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