The Two Tragic Deaths Of My Favorite Rats 🙁

by Adele McC.
(Berwick, ME)

My first rat i ever owned had gotten a large tumor in her stomach. My family couldn’t pay for surgery, so she spent the last of her days (one week to be exact) in a small cage on my dresser next to my bed, away from my other three rats. I handed her and let her lick water out of my hand as she would drowned if she fell into her water bowl (she couldn’t walk). She died in my arms peacefully. She is buried under the birch tree I used to play with her under. I planted a garden of daisies and wild strawberries (they were her favorite snack to eta while we were outside together)over her grave. Here lies my beloved Fuzzy. Rest In Peace. 🙁
My other rat was paralyzed by age and was found at 7:55 in the morning lying next to her food bowl. She died with me by her side. When she died, I couldn’t even tell whether she was dead or not. She was buried next to Fuzzy.
We can not do much about the death of our pet rats. Our friends, companions, pets. But we can make sure they get what they deserve after their death and let them die peacefully. For all rats in their graves, R.I.P (Rest In Peace).

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