It is raining rats and dogs!

by Jaylene Love
(New Hampshire)

Okay so everybody knows dog chases cat, cat chases mouse/rat. But have you ever wondered if dogs chase rats? For me, The answer is no. My brothers rat is fairly new and she is very little. She was a surprise for him sense my brother lost his last one to cancer. Before we gave it to him we had it stay at my aunts. My brothers rat “cutie” made really nice friends with my aunts dog, “boss”. Boss is a piple. But so what as long as you have nice loving dogs, it will be okay. So, Cutie learned to ring her bell, and Boss would come running up. They really were friends. When it was time to take Cutie home, Boss was devastated. He would sit there and whimper and moan. They were true friends. One day i brought my rat, “Elmo” over to my grandmothers house, because i felt bad for Elmo. Elmo was in her cage sitting there, and all of a sudden she was almost out and we heard a bang. We thought our dog was trying to eat her! In fact, it was just the opposite. They play but he isn’t too aggressive with her. She takes naps on him. Ha Ha. Okay so no matter what people say about rats, i love them. I would just like to shout out to Elmo, Cutie, Boss, and Teaka, For being AWESOME pets. 🙂

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