My baby Gordo

by Jackie
(New york)

It all started last year Oct. 18th 14 I was riding around with my friend and I randomly decided I wanted a pet rattie. We went to an exotic pet store and there they were. Small and large feeder rats stuffed in a small cage miserable. I felt horrified! I asked the guy if he had any black male large ones turns out all he had was females in black so I seen this one large brownish grey one staring at me entire time laying there completely calm I asked about him and he turned out to be Gordo. I didn’t want to bring him home in a cardboard box so I box a glass tank at first and while I was driving I got him some french fries he stared at me the entire drive home while I was indecisive with a name for my perfect little man. My boyfriend at first was infuriated for me getting a rat but within Minutes of him meeting hI’m he picked out Gordo and my rattie loved the name.I had him for a short time and loved him with all I could he would go outside wit me and sit on my shoulder as I walked around the yard. He would lay on the couch and cuddle. Even when he roamed around he’d see me and run right too me giving me kisses. I’m going to miss holding his little hand and his little tiny kisses and cuddles. 10.14.15 I rushed him to the vet learned he has pneumonia got him his medicine and held him for the remainder of the day because that’s what he wanted. 1030pm last night while in my arms he took his last breath and this is the hardest thing to deal with. I love him so much and he was taken too soon. He was a perfect little man and I’ll forever cherish him in my heart

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