my baby Jaime

A few days ago I decided to get two rats. One, Jaime, I saved from getting eaten by a snake. She had a deformed leg and I took her in. She, along with her cage mate, were very sweet, but Jaime warmed up to me very quickly. She was so young that she still had her soft baby fur. I decided not to hang out with my friends but instead spend time with my ratties. We all bonded, and the older rat cuddled Jaime when she was scared of me still. A few days after getting her I brought her to the vet. I had a good hour to play with her beforehand. I thought they would tell me to give her antibiotics, but the vet said my baby had a bad infection and amputation would be expensive and she would not likely live. I’m in college and obviously couldn’t afford it. I had no choice but to let her suffer and die or to put my sweet baby girl down. The vet left me with her to say goodbye. I took her out of her box and comforted her, as she was scared being in a new place. I held her close to my chest and pet her while I sobbed in the room. She kept looking up at me as if she was begging me not to cry. I kept petting her and she was so happy she started bruxing and falling asleep. But I had to give her up. The vet came in to take her away. She woke up when he opened the door. My poor baby didn’t know what was going on. I had to give her to him. I handed her to him and ran out of the vet. I felt like I betrayed my sweet baby girl. I felt like I just gave her away to die. Now her cage mate is alone and becoming depressed. And i can’t stop sobbing. I gave up my sweet baby girl to die. I couldn’t save her. I wish I could have just a few more minutes with her.

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