My Sweet Mya…Forever in our Hearts.

by K. Havens

I got Mya as a Valentine’s Day present from my Husband. Alot of people thought it was pretty odd to receive a rat for such a “romantic holiday” but I loved her so much from day one. She was pretty shy at first and wasn’t all that social. I previously had 3 males and they were very social, so it was different having a tiny little diva. Over the last year and a half Mya grew more and more fond of my husband and I as we spoiled her with treats, love, and all around affection. She was my little princess.
Over the last few months Mya’s health had been declining. She suffered a broken leg and had to be on cage rest. After that she seemed to bounce back very well. Then I noticed a mammary tumor…my worst fear. I knew she was getting sick at that point. She started losing weight, but still seemed in good spirits. She would take treats and nibble away, but yet would be very secluded in her towel. Then, just yesterday morning, I told my husband I think we should start considering euthanasia, because I couldn’t stand seeing her suffer, and I didn’t know how much worse she was going to get.
After a late night at work, I came home, and my husband mentioned he didn’t think Mya was looking so well. When I went to her cage, I had found her laying lifeless on her side, with just a very very faint heartbeat. I scooped her up immediately and just cried…this was the end. I don’t think she was breathing at that point, but she waited until I got home, so I could say one last good-bye to my sweet girl. She went into cardiac arrest in my hands, and passed. I have never felt so helpless. With a no emergency veterinarian open that late, much less the nearest one over 25 minutes away, I knew there was nothing I could do but keep her comfortable.
Today, is sad, I look for her cage, but find nothing. I miss the sounds of her drinking, and nibbling on food in the wee hours of the night. Its just not the same without her. My heart hurts for the loss of such a precious little girl. She had us wrapped around her tiny little fingers, and we loved her more than anything. RIP My Sweet Mya.

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