by Jessica

my baby girl picasso was the runt of her litter. she was going to be put in with the feeder rats, but she was just so dang cute that i brought her home. she had all the treats and love in the world, but was sick without my knowledge. she lived a very happy life(only 4 months), but yesterday, she suddenly wouldn’t, or couldn’t, move. she was suffering from a respiratory infection. there was nothing i could do except hold her, as the vet’s office wasn’t open. i stayed up all night with her. about 10 minutes before the clinic opened, with her lying on my chest, she began to spasm. she died quickly after the spasms began, in my arms comforted the whole way through. she was buried respectively in our flower bed, and when spring comes, we’re going to plant a rosebush in her memory. i now have a little rat-sized hole in my heart forever. rest in peace, picasso, you little snuggly bug.

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