ratatullie and ratatulliette

by jazmyn serena

I had two amazing black hooded rats,one male and one female. I loved them very much. They never had any babies considering the fact that I had them fixed. So one weekend I had gone to my dads house and I came back and before I could run to my bedroom to snatch them up and snuggle them, my mom told me to sit on the couch and have a talk with her. So I did. She told me there has been an accident with my rats and dog lexi. She explained that she had gotten a new baby sitter and the the baby sitter wanted to see my rats. So the babysitter took the rats out of their cage and someone knocked on our front door so my dog started to bark and it scared one of my rats and it bit her so she dropped them and my dog killed them. I cried for three days and can’t bare to replace them R.I.P my darlings I love and miss you 🙁

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