Fruit snack and then Alexandrite. This isn’t fair.!!!

by Sabrena
(Springfield Oregon)

Last year i got a pet rat and named her fruit snack. I had her since the beginning of the year. She was my best friend not just my pet.. I told her everything and even shared fruit snacks with her. Thats how she got her name. I loved her so much. Fruit snack started acting weird like her head would only tilt sideways. She could only walk in circles. We took her to the vet and they said she had a brain tumor ( it was not caused by the fruit snacks that she ate) they said every once in a while it will happen. On the night of her death i was at a school dance. I came home to find fruit snack attacking herself and ripping her self apart. I panicked and called for my mom. My parents told me i had to make a choice to let her suffer or to end her pain. Even though i couldn’t bear the thought of loosing her i chose to end her pain. Fruit snack was put down. The last thing i said to her was i love you and i am sorry. I was depressed when she died and no one understood. I had no one to comfort me about it. The next week on Wensday i got two baby rats. One was a white rat with brown on its nose and the other was black with white on its chest, tummy, and paws. The pure white one i named Alexandrite and the black and white one i named Emery. Alexandrite could never get any food because Emery ate all the food. And i couldn’t put them in separate cages cause i didn’t have another cage. Whenever i tried to feed Alexandrite she would only eat about two bites. I knew her death was coming shortly. And it did. I woke up that morning and both rats were fine. I went downstairs for two hours and when i came back up i looked in Their cage an i saw Alexandrite’s soft cold dead body. We buried her in our back yard and i even put some treats in their with her and some flowers. I still have Emery but i am scared to death of loosing her, but i know it will happen one day. I am dreading the moment, but i am Also enjoying the time i have with her.

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