by Kenneth
(Severna park. MD USA)

Lucky was a white feeder large rat that I originally got for squish the snake. At first I called him rattsafarian and the snake was in shed and didn’t eat the rat for a few weeks. My wife finally saw the rat in container in garage and started cryin for the poor thing. So rattsafarian’s name was changed to lucky and we kept him as our pet and even eventually got rid of the snake. Well Lucky was amazing. He loved me the most and would lick and explore me and never go far. Loved being held and stroked and became huge from all the food and fun. We have 2 daschounds who even tolerated our new pet rat. After a very short time lucky would never have accidents on me as he was “comfortable and happy”. He passed this summer and I have to have another. Can’t believe it but I really miss lucky. I was very lucky to have had him for the time I did.

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