Matilda lived from 2008 to 2009

by Denelle

Matilda was my very first rat she was a rex. She had a very good temperament she was fun and funny, she loved running around and when she could she would try and escape from her cage. I had her for 2 and bit years and loved every moment of it. She mothered all my other rats and when she got sick the other rats would be by her side and nurture her. When I went and got her put down they were lost with out her for a while. I miss her every day.
I use to play tricks on her and pile up all her veggies in her bowl and hide a little bit of cheese in there she would throw all the veggies out just to get to the cheese and the funny thing is she would put back her veggies in the bowl I wish I got that on tape it was so funny to watch.

RIP- Rest in peace.
VIR- Very important rat.

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