Pip, My best friend and my first animal love.

by Karma
(Missouri )

I had gotten my first pet rat about a year ago, a little under a year actually. I was living with my mom and through the many tough times my little fluffy fur ball with the cutest pinkest nose and the biggest heart would sit on my shoulder and peer through my hair and would take all my pain away, he has been with me through the hardest points in my life. He was my best friend he was my baby he was my kid and I was dedicated to taking care of him and making the happiest little rat there ever was, every time I got scared and wondered is this normal for a rat to do or what should i feed him or how to bathe him I always looked it up on the most trusted websites and did everything I could to be a good parent to him. This was his first and sadly his last christmas together but we took cute pictures and had fun. A little disclaimer about me: Im still in high school I am a junior and I love animals especially rats, as you know after the holiday break you always start second semester. Well this is my second day of the second semester. Today after having a really nice day I come home eat a snack, talk to my boyfriend, then I go to check on my little ball of love. I open his cage and I know instantly something is wrong. Sure enough my little baby had passed this evening, the last time I saw him was last night (I usually say good morning to him but I was rushing to get out of the door to not be late, I regret not saying good morning to him … I always do). I instantly do what any normal person would do and freak out and cry im still crying as I write this.I didnt realize the signs until now he was getting old he wouldnt hardly eat (which was weird cause that was his favorite thing to do) he was chewing his tail and his skin was irritated all the time and he would always wanna sleep on me every time i got him out of his cage, he would usually love to run around but lately he had just wanted to lay on me and be comforted I was so dumb I thought maybe he is just settling in finally after adolescents I didnt even think about it but he was well past his teenager stage I am so sorry I didnt realize baby I would of cuddled you non stop given you everything (even though I already did) If only I knew, I wouldnt be as much of an emotional reck as i am now of course i would still be deeply sad but at least i could build up that i knew he wasnt going to make it, but instead i come home from school and now i cant stop thinking about him its hard to be in my room thats where his cage was its hard to see it missing…. I will miss you my darling Pip, you were my best friend my baby my first real pet my support system my therapy pet (pretty much). But I will never lose you in my heart and mind you will always be important to me.
Things I loved about Pip:
He had the chubbiest little face and it made my heart melt
He would sniff your ear when he was on your shoulder and it would tickle
The way his little whiskers moved when he sniffed
The way he grabbed food so fast even when he wasnt hungry
The way he made a cute little chirp when he was happy (usually when i gave him a back massage)
His little feet were so cute too
And most importantly his cute little personality that could light up the whole room and he made everyone even non rat believers smile.

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